Bendezu Family Genealogy


As you all know we started this project in earnest after the birth of Liam. We’ve tried to organize all the information in a logical way. You will find separate sections for Photos, Documents, Family Trees, and Outside Links. Some of the family names are also linked to pages containing additional information.


Family names we’re researching:


Bendezu- I’ve been told the name is Basque. My grandfather was Armando Bendezu and was from Ayacucho, Peru.


Ludeña- My grandfather, Reynaldo Ludeña, was born & died in Ayacucho, Peru. His grandfather, Herminio, was presumably from Spain. We know that Reynaldo had a sister (perhaps half-sister) that lived in Chile.


Molinari- My great grandfather, Luis Molinari, was presumably from Italy, the Lombardy region. He immigrated to Peru in the mid-late 1800s.


Agama- Family history says that the Agamas came from Portugal and settled in the Mayas area of Ancash, Peru. They were originally 3 brothers, all miners. After the mines were dissolved, the 3 brothers moved to different areas, Yungay, Huanuco, and one remained in Mayas. My family comes from the relative that moved to Yungay.


Duffy- We have this traced back to the late 1700s. The family is from Co. Mayo, specifically the area around Castlebar. Anthony Duffy supposedly took part in the 1798 Uprising in Ireland. I’m looking for further sources to confirm family history, extended family and descendants.


Higgins- Thomas Higgins & Elinor Fullam had Laurence Higgins who came to the US in 1866. The Higgins came from Co. Meath, specifically Clondoogan. Looking for any info regarding all the descendants and any info going further back in Ireland. Family history says that there was a connection in the family to the famous O’Higgins of Chile’s independence, and that a relative of Laurence, Ambrose, was supposedly named after his other famous relative.


McMahon-We’ve traced back this part of the family to the early 1800s. Peter McMahon, born about 1808 in Co. Meath, Ireland, immigrated to the US in 1853 and settled in South Gilboa, NY. He had a large farm and at least four children. We know most of the descendants of his grandson James, but are looking for any others and of course his ancestors.


Fullam- Elinor Fullam’s parents were Lawrence Fullam and Mary Byrne. They lived in Agher, Co. Meath in the early 1800s and had many children. Of note is that two of their sons, Luke & Lawrence, may have participated in the Fenian Uprising of 1867. They were among the many convicted of treason and subsequently sent to Australia. They sailed on the last prison ship, the Hougoumont. Luke died in 1870; Lawrence married Bridget Doyle, but died 1 year later. He had one son, Luke, who never married and died in 1894 in Perth, Australia. Looking for any other descendants.


Connolly- We also have this traced back to the late 1700s. The family came from Co. Down and the homestead, like the Duffy homestead, still remains. Looking for any and all descendants.


Grant- Mary Grant was Patrick Connolly’s wife in Co. Down, Ireland. She was supposedly related to Hugh J. Grant, Mayor of NYC in the late 1800s, most likely through a cousin or brother. One of her descendants was in fact named Hugh J. Grant Anderson, supposedly after his famous ancestor. In the 1870 U.S. Census, John Grant, Hugh’s father, Hugh, and several of the Connolly children are all living together in NYC. It would seem they all may in fact be related.  John Grant was from Co. Down, from the same area as Mary Grant. We’re looking for any more information to prove or disprove the connection.




Other names we’re interested in, in no particular order:


Moynihan, Foye, Gibbons, Corcoran, Donnelly, Hunter, Hennelly, Anderson, Rooney, Gallagher, Mullahy.



Please email us if any of the links are broken or if you have any suggestions. And, as always, send me any photos, recollections, documents, etc., so the tree can continue to grow. I will be updating the site whenever I receive any new stuff.